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About Michal Harewood

If I could tell you everything I would. But you would read and read and read. So to keep it short. Hair dressing for curly and natural hair for 11 years exclusively with natural products due to being hyperallergenic. Started Inhairitance Academy with a partner to make sure my information got further and infuse the information in hairdressing schools and hairstylists alike that want to learn more on how to care for curly kinky loc'd hair. A team leader and educator at Inhairitance Curl Spa. 


Science is a tell all. Just look in the right place and ask the right questions.

We have the answer, if not we're working on it.


Seeing what the hair is and teaching the client and others to appreciate the uniqueness of the hair and to work with it not against it.


Sparking a conversation in the natural hair movement and saving the environment, with a vision that can be taught, and must be personally experienced to fully be appreciated.